dating stanley planes

of the cutter box is torn. . There is generally a fee to have an item identified by an antique appraiser, either on or off line. Note also how nice the rosewood handle is and the condition of the horn which is oftentimes shortened. Stanley woodworking tool such as a Stanley.11 bull nose wood plane, a valuable Zenith Marshall Wells.2 smooth plane or.50G wood plane made by Thomas Norris Sons.

Suggestions and improvements needed. Lever caps now marked "D rock.". The box shows wear from sitting for so long. See page 2 of discussions. Includes 9 nice cutters. . Irons have trademarks- V Tm ( ). Most notably the disc / nut on the inner fence and no short rods. .

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No.605-1/4 jack introduced in 1926. What you see is what you get. Click to see Bed Rock Keen Kutter Comparisons. Winchester lever caps marked Winchester. No milled out space below "patd. Irons have T tm on later planes 4B, S tm on others. I believe it dates from just before wwii from the logo on the skate and other features. . Blade tops changed to rounded at some time C1960s Y-levers went from cast to two-piece stamped and back to cast again at this time). Beds now marked "BED rock" in addition to "600" numbers. The plane itself, and the cutters are near mint and virtually unused. . One has been modified / rounded to be like a scrub plane cutter. .

dating stanley planes

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Planes made in Boston, MA from.