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meanings where the two meanings lie on a continuous spectrum. Er det greit å gå i bar overkropp på åpen gate? When cooked, the flesh softens quickly but keeps its shape completely, the pale colour turning to a warm deep cream. 1 Words that are incompatible create the following type of entailment (where X is a given word and Y is a different word incompatible with word X 2 sentence A is X entails sentence A is not Y 3 An example of an incompatible pair. Antonymy revisited: Some thoughts on the relationship between words and concepts. Additionally, not all words have an opposite. Lexikologie: Ein internationales Handbuch zur Natur und Struktur von Wörtern und Wortschätzen: Lexicology: An international handbook on the nature and structure of words and vocabularies (Vol. What is the opposite of, x?

A member of a pair of opposites can generally be determined by the question. 'Something is red' and 'Something is not red are said to be subcontraries. Det er mye som skjer i et solfylt Oslo Botanisk vårfest og fest havnelangs. The texture is slightly granular, like a cooked pear, and would make an excellent apple for tarts or for baking.

Lehrer, Adrienne.; Lehrer, Keith. Opposites of such words can nevertheless sometimes be formed with the prefixes un- or non-, with varying degrees of naturalness. Nå går det oppover med kinobesøket i Oslo igjen Byliv Her er fem ting du bør merke deg ved årets Pride Her er fem ting du bør merke deg ved årets Pride Byliv Oslo Pride, dans, matfestival for barn, fest over Oslo og mye mer. A word may have more than one antonym. Byliv, eminente låtskrivere og Pride-parade, eminente låtskrivere og Pride-parade, byliv, nå går det oppover med kinobesøket i Oslo igjen.