emma firt dating baby dady episode

home, Bonnie is strict about the Christmas decorations and Riley convinces Tucker that she is the best at Christmas and after seeing the socks Bonnie made for them Tucker decides to stick around and help. 1 Series, 6 Episodes, loaded 8 Episodes.

Sura and Kayleigh Harris (Season 4 - present aubrey Fitzgerald (7-year-old Emma annalisa Cochrane (17-year-old Emma). I didn't put that rock in there. Bonnie and Ben lets Emma meet Santa and takes a picture with him while Danny calls Bonnie saying he lost the ham and Ben shouts at someone asking where he got the Giggorilla, the picture was taken then.

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emma firt dating baby dady episode

They both return with her phone number, argue over who should call her and then agree not to ring her, but temptation soon gets in the way. This is the most fun Christmas I've ever had. Danny finds out that Bonnie is dating his hockey coach. (Singing) Deck the halls with wads of money Fa La La La.(Ben and Danny show up) Uh-oh. (Comes insidethe house) Whoo!

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