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A Special Agent is often placed in situations that test a persons physical capabilities. During the Basic Field Training Course (bftc New Agent Trainees (NATs) will earn GL-10 salaries, plus locality pay for the Washington,.C. Although female applicants/trainees take exactly the same Physical Fitness Test as their male counterparts, the scoring scale for each event is slightly different in order to account for physiological differences. Apply Now The Elite Tactical Units of the FBI Special Agents work and conduct investigations in a variety of areas to include counterterrorism, cybercrime, public corruption, counterintelligence, civil rights, violent crimes, organized crime and crime against children. Must be in compliance with the FBI Drug Policy. Applicants with no prior government service will earn a salary at the GL-10, step 1 pay level. Failing the Physical Fitness Test Applicants are offered three opportunities to pass the official PFT within one year after passing Phase.

If you are currently on active duty in the military, you must be within one (1) year of completing your service before submitting your application. How does the background investigation process work? If an individual has a satisfactory history of wearing soft contact lenses for more than one year and is able to meet correction to 20/20 in one eye and no worse than 20/40 in the other eye, safety concerns are considered mitigated and applicant processing.

The, fBI Agent is a friend of, donald 's who comes over to the. How will having a family affect my career as an FBI Special Agent? Therefore, all applicants for the Special Agent position must be in excellent physical condition with no disabilities that could interfere with firearm use, raids or defensive tactics. The FBI Academy curriculum also includes intensive training in physical fitness, defensive tactics, practical application exercises and the use of firearms. Home career Paths / Special Agents, the mission of the FBI is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States. For all Special Agent applicants: Official or Unofficial college transcript(s) Federal Resume Template Applicants should ensure their resumes reflect this template and meets the guidelines outlined in the Federal Resume Guide.