superwoman humble dating

ridiculous as Hell!" OMG, LOL You got us sayin' "Leh, you ridiculous as Hell!" OMG, LOL You got. Lilly, let 'em know! But you frontin like its yours LEH (Chip in gas money thinking you a gift to women LEH. Verse 4: Humble The Poet, photoshoots at the gym (Leh flexin' all your muscles when you take a pic. Still got tuition bills to pay (Leh).

Livin' free, eatin' good food; no rent. Lookin' like Casper, duck lips; quack, blurrin' everything in the pic but your rack (Leh). Tweetin' 'bout life being hard (Leh) (Oh my God, erotik anzeigen in fn this is hard). Internet the only way you getting withem LEH. Their message was clear: dont be someone you are not. Cause you rock a haircut from Mad Men. Swiping daddys card at the club LEH. Spendin' more time checkin' girls than workin out Tuckin' in that gut everytime you walk around (Oh, snap!) Overprotective of your sister (Leh) But with all the other girls you switch it (Leh) Always complainin' about your haters But you're the one talkin' all behind. Just be real and true to yourself! Verse 2: Humble The Poet 300 dollar earphones (Leh always spendin' all your money on some stupid shit. You really really thinking that you pimpin boy HEH cause you rock a haircut from Mad Men (Grow a beard sucka!