tank dating sim

for the title itself, but on the list definitely. She loves her younger cousin, Panzer IV with all her heart! Does Not Know His Own Strength : Lemmor is an ordinary human man surrounded by anthropomorphic tanks.

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Sometimes she can act tough to make up for it, but deep down she loves her friends. Erwin Lemmor just got transferred to a prestigious military academy to study Armored Warfare. Als Inspirationsquelle für Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator dürfte wohl unter anderem das nicht weniger merkwürdige. Arbitrary Skepticism : Parodied: Erwin is repeatedly flabbergasted and disbelieving of the concept of Tank Girls. Trademark Favorite Food : The food at King Donalds seems to be the thing for M4 Sherman. Tiger I is the richest tank in school, but she's also shy and breaks down a lot of she works too hard. Erwin, lemmor, an aspiring military officer who discovers the "Tank School" he enrolled in is not a school that will teach him how to operate a tank, but rather a school for tanks, all of which take the form of teenage girls. Her favorite food is Borscht Soup, and has every CD from the Soviet Army Choir. Will he win the heart of the tank-girls, or end up as cannon fodder? T-34 is the shortest tank in school. But 'only' for six city blocks. Meet Cute : Tiger and Lemmor meet in the infirmary, after she knocked him unconscious by running into him.

tank dating sim

Visit the Store Page. M/wp-content/uploads /2015/06/ patreon_g story Erwin Lemmor just got transferred. Darr Lehmann is raising funds for Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simula tor on Kickstarter! The first dating simulator to deliver.