russian dating funny

the objective is the same. The Internet has made finding love a lot less daunting then it used to be, but its a double edged sword having more to reveal can be good OR bad, depending on what you post, and in Russia, it seems that anything goes in the. Flower Time 20 of 30, russia's Favorite Symbols Of Wealth: Trucks And Rugs 21 of 30, juice Box Not Included 22. Woman rolling around in a heap of trash? One semi-naked man showed off flexibility by performing splits on car bonnet. Ever wanted to date a mermaid? Hey Ladies 11 of 30, put Me On Permanent Press Baby 12 of 30, why Yes, I Was Featured In Guns Vacuums Quarterly 13. Theyre all looking for that one person, that one.

russian dating funny

I have no idea, but I do know that America ain t got nothing on Russia when it comes.
It looks like creepy dating is universal.

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Do you get to keep all this cash if you go on a date with him? He's feeling festive, but would you sit on this Santa Claus' knee? A collection of bizarre and hilarious dating profile pictures has been collated by m and they couldn't be further from the stereotype of the dashing hero straight from the pages of Dostoyevsky or the blonde supermodel you might hope to meet. If you're looking for a weekend tennis bunny then this is exactly the kind of man you need to meet. There's a name for that kind of thing! But unless you're looking for a very quirky sort of date, Russia might be the very place to look. One woman gave a subtle hint to her dates that she's not to be messed with by brandishing an axe in her profile photo, while another will at least attract people with a keen interest in angling by lying alongside a giant fish. These photos are real users pictures taken from Russian dating sites. If you get cold on the way home from your date perhaps he'll let you borrow this fabulous coat. Mixed messages: This dater is very keen on housework, which is a bonus, but the fondness for shooting, less. The 40 Funniest Comments Of All Time 11 Of The Dumbest Comments Ever 1 of 30, casually Posing In Front Of Grandma 2 of 30 #1 Goat Herder In All Lower Siberia 3 of 30, come Get My Jaguar Power, Boys!

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