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Params - the distribution parameter set Type requirements - InputIt must meet the requirements of InputIterator). Array ( 0 006 1 019 2 020 3 024 4 025 5 027 6 035 7 036 8 037 9 038 10 039 11 047 12 048 13 057 14 058 15 059 16 060 17 061 18 062 19 070 20 081. Effectively calls discrete_distribution(gin weights. This distribution will sex treff in Pappenheim always generate. The type Ret must be such that an object of type double can be dereferenced and assigned a value of type Ret. The type of the elements referred by InputIterator must be convertible to double weights - initializer list containing the weights unary_op - unary operation function object that will be applied. Each of the weights is equal to w i unary_op(xmin /2 i where (xmax xmin) count and i 0,., count1.

The signature of the function should be equivalent to the following: Ret fun(const Type a The signature does not need to have const. If first last, the effects are the same as of the default constructor. 4) Constructs the distribution with count weights that are generated using function unary_op. Edit, parameters first, last - the range of elements defining the numbers to use as weights.

5) Constructs the distribution with params as the distribution parameters. Xmin and xmax must be such that. Discrete_distribution (1) (since C11) template class InputIt discrete_distribution( InputIt first, InputIt last (2) (since C11) discrete_distribution( std:initializer_list double weights (3) (since C11) template discrete_distribution( std:size_t count, double xmin, double xmax, UnaryOperation unary_op (4) (since C11) explicit discrete_distribution( const param_type params (5) (since C11 constructs. 3) Constructs the distribution with weights in weights.

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diskrete sextreffen 91301

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