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shadowy figure apparently walking between the patch of white clouds. "Now sexanzeigen in Kreuzlingen I want y'all to take a closer look at this video around 2:38 and tell me what y'all see in this hole in this cloud.". Your heaven dream may represent feelings of confidence and pride. A loud rattling noise marks the moment the missile supposedly reaches the Gateway to Heaven and further footage shows the entrance appear in a constellation of stars. Instead, this represents that you will have future success in your waking life. Dreaming about heaven can also suggest achievements in your waking life. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Some people commented online that it looked like some sort of portal was opening. While, a third likened it to a mobile phone in the sky. Dreaming about heaven may suggest emotions of laughter, joy, and happiness.

A second camera shows a white line which is said to be the edge of the glass dome or, according to some conspiracy theorists, proof the Earth is surrounded by an ice-cap wall. "Mark's hope is that one day the 100th Monkey scenario will occur, the majority of the population will start seeing things with new eyes, and the world will literally change.". Christina Feliciano wrote: "Im not a believer in God (Im one of those I have to see to believe) but I am envious of those of you who have faith in him.

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Final moments, wife battered by husband before he strangled her and threw her off balcony. Once again, this may relate to a job, friendship, relationship, or some other circumstance. It may be a great job, great relationship, or a great spiritual connection. In most cases, dreaming about heaven represents positive emotions in our waking life. Sometimes it is just best to start over with a fresh start. Solo added: "Can't tell me my God ain't real! The storm clouds were captured by Solo Dolo in a Facebook live video in Alabama. This is not to say that you will be rich in the near future. But it was only after posting the video that a friend pointed out to Solo the shape in the clouds - as apparently resembling God. Dreaming about heaven can symbolize a new start in life or new beginnings in your waking life.

Footage claims to show GOD walking across the sky between UFO news: Shock as UFO portal opens up in skies above Jinan Is this the gateway TO heaven? Startling entrance discovered Sky Fits Heaven - Wikipedia